There is a pattern Roadblock in Architectural Lens described as:

Can you put things in users’ way, so they take an alternative route, or adjust their speed?


‘Chicanes’ can slow down drivers, pedestrians and cyclists; the crossing chicane prevents running or cycling straight across the road.

The same behavior you need from people sometimes. There are stages of the process that people are trying pass trough without paying a special attention. While they are crucial for success. That’s where roadblocks should exist.

For example: decision-making process. A manager gets a task. Finds the first possible solution and starts implementing it. However, you what him to move slowly. His goal not to find a solution but get the best possible one.

You have to put a roadblock here. Just force him prior starting the implementation to create a document. He should describe in one page the solution itself and at least two alternative solutions considered. That will force him to slow down while making a decision and think about an options and rationale. That is exactly what you need.

Disclaimer: there are cases when speed is crucial. The roadblock should be easier to pass then but still exists.

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