Challenges and Targets

Challenges and Targets
are sweet words in the management. In design world this pattern is described as:

What happens if you set people a challenge, or give them a target to reach through what they’re doing?


Whoever laid out this coffee tub as a target for throwing coins knew a lot about influencing people to donate generously and enjoy it.

Being the key words in any book on management challenges and targets are usually missed in our everyday job. Our days are filled with routine. Most of people are not aware that this routine is aimed to the specific target. Each problem or mistake is perceived negatively as an obstacle while in reality it is positive challenge.

Managers should care about the way they see the job, the routine, the environment. It should be full of targets and challenges to face. Each achievement is making you stronger, better and moves you forward. Just try to feel it.

However, this post is about patterns. Challenges and Targets shows you the way how to run projects and set tasks to your employees. You should not just ask to do something but set specific targets and outline challenges to face. That will make the work itself more interesting and clear.

There are two key benefits here. First one is that you are not managing but doing a leadership that shifts you to another level. And the second one is that you focus people on result while they are usually focused on process. Together this way of setting tasks makes one personally interested in succeeding in it and sets the right priority of achieving the target.

Disclaimer: boring stuff is the part of our life. You cannot convert everything to a challenge.

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