I’d like to start this post with my favorite saying:

A camel is a horse designed by committee.

There is a design-to-managerial pattern that might cause to the result from above. But only in case if applied incorrectly. In most cases it does work. It is described as:

Can you remove cues that people take for granted, to get them to think more about what they’re doing?


‘Naked roads’ with signage and markings removed can encourage pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to be more aware of each other’s presence.

That is a great pattern for management as well. If you want to find a cross-functional solution you should remove boundaries first. It does mean that if different levels of management and production people should find a solution together they should remove subordination rules.

E.g. if you want to find a cost saving opportunity and form a group of people from different departments with different titles to define the solution you should find the way to make them equal. Methods vary and can include rotation of moderator, adding a separate moderator who care of the result and ignore titles or defining the process when there is no way to use the power and so on.

This pattern is about making the structure flat when needed. It is tough step to do but worth it. The only and the very issue is to find the way not to build a camel when horse is needed. That’s it.

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